Low-Divide Kitchen Sinks: Things to Consider before buying and benefits

As with the revolution and inventions, modernity and luxury have been made in all aspects of life. Then how kitchen accessories could not have an approach to this. Well with the passage of time, amazing kitchen styles have been introduced. Maybe the best one is a simple one. But in some cases, simplicity is not enough.

In the kitchen, sinks are very important. They may be considered as the heart of the kitchen. The older sink was only of one portion. But as of need, ornate style low-divide sink has been introduced to overcome the difficulties faced by single- basin sink. It consists of two basins with a partition in the center. Both classic and modern type low divide sinks are our choices now.

For our convenience and ease of buying, we should have a contrast of both the basins.

Low-divide sink Vs Single and Double basin sink:

 A single basin has been used for a great time for cleaning purposes. It consists of only one part in which both the soapy water and the clean water is to be drained. It provides complications for the drying purposes, the dried pots placed in the driers over the basin cause mess. But they are good for washing large utensils.

On the other hand, double basin kitchen sinks have two parts. In one the dirty water is drained off while cleaned utensils are placed in the second basin having a rack for drying. As with the ease, there was also a problem that fully divided double basins were not good for washing of large pots because complete partition provides smaller space for both the basins.

This problem was overcome by Kohler in which he used a removable divider to separate the parts. But this was not a good idea because the grooves of sink get clogged with filth.

There felt the need of non-removable divider. It led to the production of the low divide kitchen sink or smart divide in which easiness and effectiveness are being provided and problems are minimized. A number of kitchen sink are available commercially depending upon the size and type.

Benefits of low-divide kitchen sinks

Benefits of low-divide kitchen sinks

Maybe the low divided kitchen sinks are not ideal and preferable for everyone but they have the following advantages

Partition is done by a few inches high divider so that

  •   There are two separate parts; baking pots could be easily washed
  •   Dirty and clean water are separate

Normandy Designer Stephanie Bryant says “They are designed for washing large pans, pots and skillets with long handles but still offer the divide for the time you don’t need to fill the entire sink with water.

A number of low-divide kitchen sinks are available in different sizes depending upon the space in your kitchen. Many renowned brands are offering these sinks; some of them are trendy and some are classic.

Kohler Smart divide kitchen sinks

Kohler Smart divide kitchen sinks

These are mostly classic and unique made up of cast iron. These sinks have many specifications like thickness, durability, and long-lasting, resistant to discoloration, smooth and easy to clean.

Ruvati sinks

These are made up of stainless steel, granite, and fireclay and have many advantages like slopped bottom with a groove that allows complete drainage of water and many more. They have divider of 4 inches lower then sink height.

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