How do I find my Moen faucet model number?

Moen is a popular brand for faucet products globally, especially in North America.  Moen has a commitment to sell high-quality faucets and excellent service to give information about the products to customers.  Every question about Moen’s products will be answered.  One of the questions that is often given by the customers is how do I find my Moen faucet number.

How do I find my Moen faucet model number?

Why do you need the faucet number

If a customer has a Moen product, he might need to find his Moen number for some reasons.  If he goes to the Moen website, it will ask you for Moen number to indicate his system specification.  The number can be used also to know the warranty status of the product.  Then, if that customer calls Moen, he will be asked about Moen number to confirm things like warranty, specifications, etc.

Primary places to look for the number

This faucet number can be found on the box in which the faucet was put when the customer bought the faucet. The Moen faucet number can be also found in the instruction sheet. So just check on these things to find the Moen faucet number.

However, if the customer can’t find the Moen number on those things, he may see the back of the spout, which is non pullout. The customer will find the general family series number there. Just remember, that series number is different with the exact model number.  Nevertheless, that series number is really useful when it is used in conjunction with the image of the faucet that is shown in the Replacement Part Locator.

Other important factors

From explanation above, the customers are expected to be able to find the Moen faucet number. The faucet number is really important to identify Moen products.  Here, there are additional guide details about Moen bathroom sink or kitchen faucet. It explains that the product, packaging, receipt, or installation guide have some signs that the product is the Moen faucet.

The most important thing to know that the Moen name will always be on the faucets. If there is no name there, the products are not Moen faucets. Below are some supporting information about Moen faucets?

The faucets have a universal symbol to inform whether the water is hot or cold. A red plug button indicates hot water.  Then, the blue one indicates the cold one.  The colors of the plug button are generally used by other companies, so does Moen.

What is not the faucet model number

If the customers look at the water spout and spray wand, then find the number ‘A12.18.1’, it is actually not a model number.  For kitchen faucets, the number can be found on the back of the water spout.  Then, it also happened for lavatory faucets, on the front curve under the water spout, the customers can see the series of numbers.

Some Moen faucets have a removable handle cap.  Moen word is imprinted on there.  The number can be engraved on the underside of it. So, basically it is easy to find the number. Just keep all the parts well.

If there is an accident or whatever that makes the parts break, the component number can be located on that part.

Just for information, the number is not a part number.  However, it may be helpful in model identification. If the customers are still confused, they can ask for assistance researching a component number they have located on a faucet part, contact the customer service with the phone number provided in the website,

Above all, it is suggested to check the original box of Moen faucet to find the Moen faucet number before the customers ask for help from Moen’s customer support. If the customers can’t or forget doing that, the customer support will help the best for them.  Moen provides the best faucets.  Moen provides the best service.

Final words

If you are in trouble to find the model number. This article here should be the perfect way to get you out of that problem.

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